• Zipato Zipabox Security Expansion Module

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Modern alarm panels are advanced versions of the basic system outlined above - they usually support multiple wired zones, lead acid battery backup (for power blackouts), external siren and advanced user interface (graphical display). Each wired zone can be used as in the simple alarm system outlined above - as a closed circuit with all switches wired in a loop. Zipabox Security module implements essential features of a wired alarm panel.

Zipabox Security Module supports adds wired alarm functionality to Zipabox. Security module adds support for:
· 6 wired zones
· 1 optically isolated 12V input
· 1 supervised wired bell/siren output
· 1 programmable output
· 1 supervised 12V auxiliary power supply for powered wired sensors
· 1 USB port
· 1 serial/UART port, user selectable between RS-232 mode and half-duplex RS-485 mode
· 1 lead acid battery charger (when using Security Module as a basis for an alarm system, the Backup Module cannot provide enough voltage to support wired sensors/siren and cannot be used to power Zipabox and modules in case of a power failure. Please use SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery for power backup with Security module)

· Power supply: Zipabox
· Operating temperature: 0° ~ + 50° C
· Humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH
· AUX Power: 10-14 Vdc 800 mA
· Bell/Siren Out: 10-14 Vdc 600 mA
· Siren In: 8-14 Vdc, 20mA max
· PGM Out: 150mA max solid state relay with selectable active level

Zipabox Security Expansion Module consists of:
1x Security Module
12x resistors of 5.6k? value
2x resistors of 1k? value
Gwarancja 24
Base color white
Manual www.forcetop.com/instrukcje
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