• Wonder Ws210 - 210W solar panel with MC4 output (Black)

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Wonder Ws210 portable solar panel / solar charger with 210W power terminated with MC4 connector. The connection is extremely simple. The panels can be connected in parallel to increase current or in series to increase voltage. The device will be great for charging portable power stations.

The solar panel is lightweight and has a handle, so it can be easily carried, hung and removed during outdoor activities.

Product Features:
- Power: 210W
- Voltage: 24.12V
- Current: 12.103A
- Operating power 19V (210W MAX)
- MC4 output
- Size after folding: 610×597×50mm
- Size when unfolded: 2220×597×30mm
- Weight: 5.30±0.10 kg
- IP65 waterproof rating
- Surface coating: ETFE
- Adjustable stand
Gwarancja 24
Base color black
Power 210W
Width [mm] 597
Height [mm] 30
Length [mm] 2220
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