• Spigen ITT90W OneTap - Tesla MagSafe magnetic car holder (Black)

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The Spigen ITT90W OneTap is a magnetic car mount designed for users of MagSafe technology. The accessory is dedicated to Tesla vehicles.

The ITT90W combines easy and fast mounting and secure wireless charging. The stand uses strong magnets, allowing for easy mounting and removal of the smartphone. The minimalist, stable design is made of high-quality polycarbonate. A mounting tape is included, which adheres perfectly to flat surfaces without the risk of leaving a mark. The holder additionally features a movable head and a magnetic cable management system.

Product features:
- Magnetic movable head
- Mounts to touchscreen
- Strong and stable grip for your phone
- Minimalist design

Set includes:
1 x Spigen OneTap ITT90W Holder
1 x Spigen USB-C cable
Gwarancja 24
Base color black
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