• Green Cell - Solar Inverter Off Grid with solar charger MPPT 12VDC 230VAC 1000VA/1000W Pure sine wave

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The Green Cell solar inverter combines three devices: an MPPT controller, an inverter and a battery charger, thanks to which it is able to provide continuous power to your appliances.

The inverter's built-in MPPT controller allows the energy obtained from the solar panels to be converted into the appropriate current needed to charge the batteries and power the appliances in your home.

Intuitive and easy-to-use software provides comprehensive inverter management capabilities, providing a real-time view of all relevant charging parameters.

The inverter, the brain of solar installations, is the ideal solution if you want to take care of the environment and save money when using renewable energy as a power source in your home.

Product features:
Battery voltage: 12V
Output voltage: 230V AC
Output voltage shape: Pure sine
Output frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz (auto detection)
Efficiency: 98%
Usable power (continuous): 1000W
Instantaneous power (pulsed): 2000W
Standard charging current: 50A
No-load power consumption: 2W
Maximum charging current: 70A
Maximum PV voltage (VOC): 75VDC
Inverter efficiency: 90% - 93%
AC voltage regulation (battery mode): 220VAC - 240VAC (adjustable)
Charging voltage: 13.5VDC
PV voltage range for MPPT: 15~60 VDC
Maximum PV power: 625W
Maximum MPPT output current: 60A
Dimensions: 320(337 with bracket) x 224 x 97 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Warranty: 12 months
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